Hey! Aren’t You Using Social Media Yet?

How Do You Build Trust and Become the Local Expert in Your Community?

Why Social Media Now?

*Many old marketing tricks are extinct
*People are looking for someone they can know and trust
*People are turning to search their web community for information and help

What Is Social Media?

Internet social platforms that allow us to quickly and widely:

*Share with and influence our target market
*Help others
*Reach and promote others and build goodwill
*Give others a way to reach and promote us

Change Is Here!
Social Marketing Changes:

*The way business is done
*The way we interact
*The way prospects find us
*The way people share info
*The way people talk about us
*The way we approach marketing

How Do You Compete?
Four Social Media Platforms You Need to Use Now:
*YouTube and Video Marketing


*100-200 million new users in 8 months
*1 billion forecast by 2013
*55% Facebook users are women
*Average user has 120 friends
*Facebook business fans share their favorites and invite others to become fans
*Dynamic and viral
*Connect directly with prospects, customers and clients


*Many industry leaders blog
*Blogging helps you to be viewed as an expert
*Blogging builds trust
*Blogging is your “home” on the internet (your website is your office)
*Blog and website interact and crosslink
*Communicate in friendly, warm and subtle manner (not perceived as selling)


*Twitter links everything together (blog, facebook, website and more)
*Micro blogging
*Create a buzz
*Share, promote, engage
*Instant search in real time for target market
*Growing as fast as facebook

Video Marketing and YouTube

*People are too busy to read
*Video attracts and keeps visitors on your website
*Video makes it easy to show your passion and caring
*Video is easy to share and can go viral
*YouTube is 2nd biggest search engine online
*Brand your business with a YouTube Channel

Make Your Marketing as Good as Your Business

You’ve created a business you are proud of.

You’ve worked long and hard, made sacrifices, and spent a lot of money and time.

Success! You’ve reached your goals. Your business is the best.
You know it. But does anyone else?

Unfortunately, you often don’t put the same resources into your marketing that you put into your business.

And then you wonder why you don’t get the results you need.

You cobble together the marketing yourselves.

And ask your neighbor’s college son to put up a website for you.

Whoa! Do you really think this is going to work?
If you needed a surgeon, would you ask the neighbor to try to do a little surgery?

It’s like spending a fortune on luggage, but forgetting to book a flight.

Ask yourself, do you want your customers and clients to think “do it yourself” when it comes to your services and products?

It’s the million dollar question.

Do you think you can’t afford to get good marketing?
Do you realize you can’t really afford not to?

Would you like some help?

Let’s talk! I offer free consultations.

Making These Common Mistakes on Your Facebook Page?

Yes, I know, everybody is telling everybody that everybody needs to be on Facebook….and since there are 5+ billion people on Facebook, maybe everybody has a point there.

And yes, I am the first one to advocate having a social media presence for your business….it is the 21st Century and we need to create marketing that matches the way people not only search for services and businesses, but how they relate to, interact with, and ultimately choose who they are going to do business with.

So, if you have a business FB fan page, good for you. Pat yourself on the back. And then, ask yourself the following questions:
*Do I post enough? (hint, 3 posts in 2010 was not enough)
*Do I post too often? (hint, people don’t want to feel bombarded….1 or 2 posts a week is enough unless you’re running an exciting campaign.
*Are my posts relevant? (hint, people do business with people they know, but do they really want to hear about your latest meltdown?)
*Do I respond quickly and appropriately to their comments? (hint, if someone takes the time to comment, answer them asap)
*Do I acknowledge the talents and accomplishments of my fans? (hint, take the time to visit the website or FB pages of your fans….and when appropriate, highlight them on your page.

Give Yourself Time to Do What You Do Best

working hardDoes Success wait for anyone?
The choice is yours.
Continue doing what you’ve always done (everything!) and hope
that things turn out differently; or give yourself the time you need
to do what you do best: grow your business..

…and let us do what we do best: grow your social media presence.

Catch the Social Media Wave before it passes you by.
Take action now. Click Here To Get Started. Partner with us and see how easy and affordable your Social Marketing Strategy can be!