Make Your Marketing as Good as Your Business

business plan – marketing woman from Crestock High Quality Images You’ve created a business you are proud of. You’ve worked long and hard, made sacrifices, and spent a lot of money and time. Success! You’ve reached your goals. Your business is the best. You know it. But does anyone else? Unfortunately, you often don’t put […]

Making These Common Mistakes on Your Facebook Page?

making faces from Crestock Images Yes, I know, everybody is telling everybody that everybody needs to be on Facebook….and since there are 5+ billion people on Facebook, maybe everybody has a point there. And yes, I am the first one to advocate having a social media presence for your business….it is the 21st Century and […]

Give Yourself Time to Do What You Do Best

Does Success wait for anyone? The choice is yours. Continue doing what you’ve always done (everything!) and hope that things turn out differently; or give yourself the time you need to do what you do best: grow your business.. …and let us do what we do best: grow your social media presence. Catch the Social […]