Making These Common Mistakes on Your Facebook Page?

Yes, I know, everybody is telling everybody that everybody needs to be on Facebook….and since there are 5+ billion people on Facebook, maybe everybody has a point there.

And yes, I am the first one to advocate having a social media presence for your business….it is the 21st Century and we need to create marketing that matches the way people not only search for services and businesses, but how they relate to, interact with, and ultimately choose who they are going to do business with.

So, if you have a business FB fan page, good for you. Pat yourself on the back. And then, ask yourself the following questions:
*Do I post enough? (hint, 3 posts in 2010 was not enough)
*Do I post too often? (hint, people don’t want to feel bombarded….1 or 2 posts a week is enough unless you’re running an exciting campaign.
*Are my posts relevant? (hint, people do business with people they know, but do they really want to hear about your latest meltdown?)
*Do I respond quickly and appropriately to their comments? (hint, if someone takes the time to comment, answer them asap)
*Do I acknowledge the talents and accomplishments of my fans? (hint, take the time to visit the website or FB pages of your fans….and when appropriate, highlight them on your page.


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